Top 20 CHEMICALS that cause cancer are readily found in US foods and drinks

There’s one thing that most major cancer foundations and cancer drive organizations never mention when “searching for the cure” or “marching for the cure” for cancer – and that is chemicals in food. In fact, at most pink ribbon events, many of the worst cancer-causing chemicals are served up in the foods and drinks everybody is sucking down while hoping to find a cure. In fact, you’ll find nitrate-loaded (KFC) fried chicken and Mike’s hard lemonade (alcoholic style) at the Susan Komen Foundation events. They might as well serve carcinogenic diet soda and administer mercury-laden flu shots while they’re at it. Thanks Komen.

Are they sinister or just stupid? How ironic and uneducated these folks are when it comes to “searching for” the prevention and cure of the biggest human health blight this planet has ever seen.

You wouldn’t throw gasoline on a fire to try to put it out, so why eat cancer-causing foods while marching for the cure?

There are so many accidental hypocrites in America. People are literally becoming more ignorant by the day from eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong drinks, and taking all the wrong medications, and then wondering why “God” or the nation’s “top oncologists” can’t save them with divine intervention or chemotherapy after they’re a couple decades deep into chronic inflammation and irregular cell division.

Listen folks, stop counting calories and start counting chemicals if you want to get healthy, find your ideal weight, and avoid the “disease” (it’s really a cell disorder, not a disease) that’s crippling and offing every third American.

The number one excuse people have for not regulating and filtering what they eat is that it’s too overwhelming. The number two excuse is that it’s too expensive. Hey, if you want to really be overwhelmed and bankrupt, just try getting cancer and paying the copays for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and prescription drugs for the rest of your shortened, miserable life.

Here’s a start – filter out the top twenty (and most common) chemicals that are concocted in laboratories, added to typical American foods and beverages, and then labeled as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the FDA.

Top 20 carcinogenic agents that wreck the “search for the cure” for cancer by strangling and mutating your cells

  1. Nitrates and Nitrites (think of hot dogs, bacon, deli meats)
  2. Sodium Benzoate (think of foods in jars and sodas)
  3. Aspartame (think of diet drinks, most chewing gum, mouthwash and breath mints)
  4. Bleach (think whitened foods, like bread, flour, sugar, rice, pasta)
  5. Ammonia (most treated meats, including fish)
  6. Sucralose – an artificial sweetener (think of Splenda) – synthetic, lab-made
  7. FD&C industrial-based food coloring: Yellow, Blue, Red and artificial caramel coloring (think candy, cereal, cough syrup)
  8. Parabens – common in beer, sodas, sauces, jams, dairy products. Parabens are often found present in breast tumors
  9. Phthalates – commonly found in meats and cheeses that are packaged in microwaveable plastic
  10. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – a.k.a. SLS – yes, it’s found in food too (not just personal products); like dried eggs, marshmallows, drink mixes – SLS serves as a thickener or emulsifier
  11. Fluoride (think of tap water, toothpaste, and mouthwash)
  12. Insecticides – most conventional food contains them
  13. Herbicides, especially Roundup (most conventional wheat, vegetables and fruit)
  14. GMOs – genetically modified organisms in food (vaccines and medicine also)
  15. Bisphenol A (BPA) – artificial estrogen, hormone disrupting chemical that leaches from can liners and plastic bottles
  16. Phosphoric Acid (think of sodas)
  17. Hormones in meat and dairy
  18. Hexane (think of hydrogenated oils)
  19. Aluminum (think antacids and tap water)
  20. Gluten (causes constipation, cancerous polyps)

Don’t eat cancer, and you won’t find yourself wondering WHY you got it or HOW to fight it

First things first: You should be shopping only around the perimeter of grocery stores, health food stores and supermarkets. That’s where the live, raw, fresh, organic produce is on display. Second: Realize that most conventional produce is genetically modified to contain pesticides inside, and then sprayed with bug killer and weed killer on the outside, and then doused daily with sodium-fluoride-laden water. That same conventional produce is grown in soil that’s depleted of nutrients by years of toxic chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. Fact: More than 90 percent of U.S. soy, corn, and canola is genetically modified.

Did you know that most meat in America comes from filthy, inhumane, confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) where there’s so much infection from E. coli and salmonella that processors have to use bleach and ammonia to kill the bacteria? Then red dye, nitrates and monosodium glutamate are added to “restore” flavor and preserve the carcasses until butchers chop it up and wrap it up and stamp it “for sale” in all the tidy display cases. That’s why pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate, because the pancreas can’t handle all those tissue burning toxins that Americans just keep sucking down, day in and day out.

Follow these rules of thumb when shopping and you’re off to a great start. If it’s made in a lab, don’t eat it. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, put the product back. If the produce belong to the “dirty dozen,” they better be organic. If the meat’s not grass-fed and organic, veer clear. Lastly, avoid stress. Believe it or not, it may just be the number one cause of cancer, even though it’s not a chemical.

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