Toxins News /toxinsnews Toxins News - Toxins Information Fri, 17 Feb 2017 17:30:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Aluminum linked directly to early onset of Alzheimer’s disease /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-aluminum-linked-directly-to-early-onset-of-alzheimers-disease.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-aluminum-linked-directly-to-early-onset-of-alzheimers-disease.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Aluminum is everywhere: it contaminates vaccines, it’s in a variety of medications, baby products, cosmetics, and it’s even in the food you eat. And like several other metals, it isn’t really all that great for the human brain (or the rest of the body).

Even the CDC’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) notes that aluminum can elicit negative effects in the musculoskeletal, neurological, and respiratory systems. This is especially worrisome because some research indicates that aluminum is capable of building up in bodily tissues, which would greatly increase its potential to cause harm. [RELATED: Keep up with the latest CDC headlines at]

Research has suggested that there may be a link between aluminum exposure and Alzheimer’s disease for several years. That link, however, has always been somewhat murky. The evidence to support their claims has often been lacking. Recently, however, scientists have found a direct link between the metal and the onset of the neurological disorder.

Connecting the dots: aluminum and Alzheimer’s

According to scientists from Keele University, located in Staffordshire, aluminum actually plays a role in most — if not all– cases of Alzheimer’s. Professor Exley, a scientist from the university, has been studying this connection at length. In a recent article for The Hippocratic Post, Exley explained, “We already know that the aluminium content of brain tissue in late-onset or sporadic Alzheimer’s disease is significantly higher than is found in age-matched controls. So, individuals who develop Alzheimer’s disease in their late sixties and older also accumulate more aluminium in their brain tissue than individuals of the same age without the disease.”

Exley went on to say that even higher levels of aluminum have been found in individuals with certain forms of Alzheimer’s disease and notes that these high amounts of exposure are often attributed to the environment these people live in, or their workplace. “This means that Alzheimer’s disease has a much earlier age of onset, for example, fifties or early sixties, in individuals who have been exposed to unusually high levels of aluminium in their everyday lives,” contends Exley.

High aluminum content in Alzheimer’s patients

In 2016, Exley published his most revealing study yet in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. This study is believed to be of exceptional value because it is the first to measure aluminum content in the brain tissue of individuals that have been diagnosed with familial Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is considered to be “familial” when two or more people in the same family are stricken by the condition.

Exley and his team found that people who had passed away with diagnosed familial Alzheimer’s disease had the highest concentrations of aluminum in their brain tissue that had ever been recorded.

“We now show that some of the highest levels of aluminium ever measured in human brain tissue are found in individuals who have died with a diagnosis of familial Alzheimer’s disease,” Exley wrote. He went on to note that the amount of aluminum found in the brain tissue of the individuals with familial Alzheimer’s disease were almost identical to those seen in individuals who died of aluminum-induced encephalopathy while undergoing renal dialysis. [RELATED: Learn more about toxic metals and other damaging compounds at]

Exley and his team concluded that their research indicates that the genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s disease is likely tied to the accumulation of aluminum in brain tissue. The researchers note that aging is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s and that the human brain tends to accumulate more aluminum as we get older. Because of aluminum’s neurotoxic effects, its accumulation in brain is going to exacerbate or contribute to any ongoing disease or toxicity.


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After years of media coverups, the truth about Fukushima’s radiation catastrophe is starting to get coverage /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-after-years-of-media-coverups-the-truth-about-fukushimas-radiation-catastrophe-is-starting-to-get-coverage.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-after-years-of-media-coverups-the-truth-about-fukushimas-radiation-catastrophe-is-starting-to-get-coverage.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The radioactive horrors of the dilapidated Fukushima nuclear power plant continue to haunt the world. When a tsunami took out the cooling system of Fukushima in 2011, three reactors melted down. Since then, analysts estimate that 300 tons of radioactive water leak into the Pacific Ocean every day. It has now been six years since the meltdown. Japanese officials and Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) have repeatedly assured the public that the problem is contained. Media-cover-ups have ensued. Official reports have been contradictory. For instance, on March 11, 2011, when the the tsunami struck the plant, TEPCO knew that a multi-reactor nuclear meltdown was underway. The public wasn’t informed until April.

Through the years, the U.S. military has questioned whether TEPCO provides accurate information. People around the world don’t understand the severity of the situation or how the radioactive material affects the marine life of the Pacific Ocean.

After six years of assuring the public that everything is contained, TEPCO now reports that radioactive fuel is leaking from a new source. Because of this, radiation levels have been detected higher than when Fukushima first went down. The “unimaginable” readings have been recorded as high as 530 sieverts per hour. To put it in perspective, just four sieverts can kill a handful of people upon exposure. FoxNews’ Adam Housley, who reported on the crisis in 2011, is now warning the American public that small levels of radiation have already been detected off the coasts of California and Oregon and the situation will only get worse. “The worry is with 300 tons of radioactive water going into the Pacific every day, what is that doing to the Pacific Ocean?” questions Housley.

This is a problem that threatens the livelihood of all life on Earth. If the radioactive leaks cannot be stopped, then the health of the oceans are at risk as well as the health of people, especially on the West Coast of the United States. (RELATED: For more on disaster scenarios, visit Collapse.News)

TEPCO asserts that the radiation will take four decades to clean up, with an estimated cost of $300 billion. Now that TEPCO is reporting on the new fuel leaks, the mainstream media is finally starting to ask questions. “Has it been this bad all along?” The Washington Post now asks, “Could the radiation level be even higher?”

Hideyuki Ban, co-director of Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center says that the astronomical 530 sievert reading was recorded some distance from the melted fuel, so the actual reading could be 10 times higher than the official report. When officials sent in robot to detect the fuel spill, it lasted only an hour under the extreme conditions. What can be done? The stakes have never been this high. (For up-to-date information on the Fukushima disaster, visit

Sources include:

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Americans wake up to the dangers of vaccines and begin rejecting dangerous medicine /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-americans-wake-up-to-the-dangers-of-vaccines-dangerous-medicine.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-americans-wake-up-to-the-dangers-of-vaccines-dangerous-medicine.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A new report from the CDC Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices has revealed that fewer Americans are getting vaccinated than ever. According to the committee, adults in the United States are not getting as many vaccines as they would like.

Recent data from a new Pew Research Center survey has also revealed that parents of young children are growing increasingly skeptical of the safety of immunizations, like the MMR vaccine. While the majority of Americans still approve of vaccination, the numbers are beginning to shift. For example, 17 percent of Americans supported parents’ right to choose.

Young adults, in particular, appear to be leading the charge in this new development. Adults younger than 30 were reportedly less inclined to believe that the risks of the MMR vaccine outweighed its benefits compared to older age groups. Roughly 79 percent believed MMR benefits outweighed the risks in the under-30 set, while older age groups averaged around 90 percent.

Questioning the validity of vaccine science

Part of this is attributed to the growing number of people that are beginning to question vaccine safety and efficacy. While there has been no shortage of scrutiny for those who dare to contest the mainstream belief that vaccines are unequivocally safe, there are plenty of reasons why more Americans should be free to make their own decisions — and question the government’s protocols.

One of the most questionable aspects of vaccines no doubt lies within the fact that only manufacturer-funded and designed studies are required to prove a product’s safety and to win FDA approval. You can see already where that would be problematic.

A paper on the topic of industry funding of clinical trials was published by JAMA in 2003. The paper notes that industry-funded clinical trials are often subject to a host of issues that correlate with businesses protecting their corporate interests, whether they be financial or otherwise. For example, withholding the reporting of data is also not uncommon, though it is certainly frowned upon.

Bias can exist in industry-funded studies in a variety of ways, and it would be tough to argue that clinical trials of vaccines are somehow immune to something that is rampant in other parts of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Healthy user bias” is a common issue when it comes to vaccine science. You see, healthy people are more likely to be vaccinated than people who already have signs of certain diseases or conditions. Doctors often do not recommend vaccines to people who have pre-existing conditions, like immune system disorders. These people, even in the absence of vaccines as a whole, would still be more prone to disease.

In vaccine studies, groups of unvaccinated people are often compared to vaccinated people. The issue is that these studies are essentially comparing sick, immuno-compromised people to people that are perfectly healthy. Even if neither group was vaccinated, it’s clear who would be less likely to catch the flu.

In the British Medical JournalDr. Peter Doshi of Johns Hopkins University explains, “Since at least 2005, non-CDC researchers have pointed out the seeming impossibility that influenza vaccines could be preventing 50% of all deaths from all causes when influenza is estimated to only cause around 5% of all wintertime deaths.”

By selecting already-healthy individuals for vaccination, one can almost guarantee the impression of efficacy, even though it doesn’t really prove anything.

Beyond the myriad of issues surrounding the actual trial-and-approval process for vaccines, and their overall validity,  there are also many concerns about what is actually in vaccines. Many people are concerned about the potential for the aluminum in some vaccines to cause adverse neurological effects, among other things.

Do citizens have the right to question what they’re being told by government agencies and the media? Absolutely, and most independent research indicates we should probably do so more often.


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Health Ranger issues “drink mercury” challenge to toxic vaccine pushers who poison infants for profit /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-health-ranger-issues-drink-mercury-challenge-to-toxic-vaccine-pushers-who-poison-infants-for-profit.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-17-health-ranger-issues-drink-mercury-challenge-to-toxic-vaccine-pushers-who-poison-infants-for-profit.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 For those who want to inject children with the brain damaging heavy metal mercury, I say, “Drink it yourself first!”

Now that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced his $100,000 Thimerosal challenge — which the entire “fake news” mainstream media promptly blacklisted — I thought I would up the ante just a bit and challenge mercury vaccine pushers to demonstrate their claimed vaccine “safety” in a more dramatic way: DRINK MERCURY to prove it’s “safe.”

If ethylmercury is as safe as these toxic vaccine pushers claim it to be, they should be happy to drink a large volume of it and “prove” that it’s safe to inject into children, right? In fact, mercury vaccine pushers claim that ethylmercury is completely harmless and carries zero risk of neurological side effects, despite the CDC’s own research that completely debunks the false narrative, showing the heavy metal is incredibly dangerous to infant neurology. Yes, it’s still used in tens of millions of vaccines given to children each year in America.

As the World Mercury Project website explains:

The CDC study, Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action, appeared last month in the journal, Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. The 45-page meta-review of relevant science examines the various ways that mercury harms the human body. Its authors, John F. Risher, PhD, and Pamela Tucker, MD, are researchers in the CDC’s Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

“This scientific paper is the one of most important pieces of research to come out of the CDC in a decade,” Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician who has been practicing medicine for 30 years, said. “It confirms what so many already suspected: that public health officials have been making a terrible mistake in recommending that we expose babies and pregnant women to this neurotoxin. I regret to say that I gave these shots to children. The CDC led us all to believe that it was perfectly safe.”

Now, I challenge mercury vaccine pushers to simply drink a liter of the mercury of their choice and either prove it’s safe… or not.

I personally consume all the nutrients and superfoods I recommend… so why won’t mercury vaccine pushers consume the vaccines they want to forcibly inject into children?

(To those who say it’s irresponsible to encourage ignorant doctors to drink mercury, my obvious response is: If it’s not safe for doctors to drink, how can it be safe for them to inject into children?)

Watch, learn and SHARE:

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EPA destroyed the career of its own environmental scientist for blowing the whistle on biosolids… new “Biosludged” documentary to be released this year /toxinsnews/2017-02-16-epa-destroyed-the-career-of-its-own-environmental-scientist-for-blowing-the-whistle-on-biosolids-new-biosludged-documentary-to-be-released-this-year.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-16-epa-destroyed-the-career-of-its-own-environmental-scientist-for-blowing-the-whistle-on-biosolids-new-biosludged-documentary-to-be-released-this-year.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A senior-level microbiologist for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was fired when he started to question the government’s policy regarding biosolids. Before he was terminated, David Lewis, Ph.D, published two articles in Nature that raised serious concerns about the EPA’s 503 sludge rule.

First off, what are biosolids?

Biosolids are a fancy form of sewage sludge that is really just human feces treated with chemicals and lime. The EPA asserts that sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants can be properly treated and turned into “nutrient-rich organic materials.” The EPA supports policy that allows cities to send their processed sewage to farmers so it can be spread as free fertilizer on the fields. Even worse, the EPA’s 503 sludge rule only monitors nine of twenty-seven metals (As, Cd, Cu, Pb, Hg, Mo, Ni, Se, Zn) and turns a blind eye toward countless other fat soluble pollutants, pesticides, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and pharmacological compounds that are contained in the biosolids.

The EPA’s policy encourages cities to send the most polluted matrix to rural America, where it is essentially reused in the food supply and taken back into the human food chain. These pollutants are the exact substances that contribute to neurological disorders such as autism, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. (RELATED: For more news on the hazards of biosolids, visit

Everything that is flushed and everything that is part of human feces is randomly being spread across the soil, over farms, forests, school playgrounds, and public parks. Nearly every active pharmacological compound, chemical, dye, cosmetic, endocrine disruptor, antibiotic, birth control, and heavy metal is being repackaged as fertilizer and spread across the countryside. Like a vicious cycle, human waste and all of its byproducts are returning to the dinner table. This is the greatest environmental and human health crime that the public must wake up to.(RELATED: For more news on the environment, visit Enviro.News.)

Whistleblower David Lewis explains the problem in depth in his book, Science for Sale: How the US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits.

Before the EPA, pollutants were discharged into rivers, where they diluted into the water ways. As the EPA emerged with the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, the pollutants were restricted in the air and water. But, instead of re-mediating the problem, the EPA permitted the pollution to be diluted into the soil. The EPA contends that the toxic particles are safe when diluted in the soil (even at concentrations greater than in water and air).

In an interview with Mother Earth News, Dr. Lewis explains how the EPA promulgated their 503 sludge rule.

To create a body of “scientific” literature supporting the 503 sludge rule, EPA established a cooperative agreement with the Water Environment Federation, the wastewater industry’s largest trade association, to fund a National Biosolids Public Acceptance Campaign. Under that agreement, scientists at USDA-supported agricultural colleges were funded, while scientists who linked biosolids to adverse health effects were systematically blacklisted, even accused of research misconduct. To support the sludge rule, EPA and the USDA supported skewing, and even fabricating, the data.

Dr. Lewis says that soil is the one place on Earth that the EPA allows for unregulated pollution. He points out that the EPA could require cities to use new technologies that break the harmful pollutants down into simple inorganic compounds. Supercritical water gasification is one method. He advocates for a new Clean Soil Act that would hold polluters responsible and stop the bleeding of pollutants back into the land via biosolids.

An eye-opening new documentary exposing this massive environmental crimes is set to release in 2017. BioSludged, will be presented for free by  Mike Adams, director of CWC Labs and lead editor of Adams warns that EPA policy on biosolids has unleashed a “devastating vector for bioterrorism against ourselves.”

Sources include:

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Top 10 food and medicine myths you probably fell for at some point /toxinsnews/2017-02-16-top-10-food-and-medicine-myths-you-probably-fell-for-at-some-point.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-16-top-10-food-and-medicine-myths-you-probably-fell-for-at-some-point.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Everybody wants to be healthy, well-informed and financially free, but most of us receive the wrong advice, believe in popular myths, get sick from ridiculous illnesses that are totally preventable and curable, and then spend our money trying to get ourselves “fixed” by doctors who don’t understand a lick about nutrition. All this while we keep eating the same bad food and taking the same symptom cover-up, chemical-based medicines.

Why do we heed all this bad advice and consume chemicals to treat chemical disorders? We do this because corporations are very sneaky, and they push the same lies over and over, across different mediums and even through the mouths of shill doctors, dentists, scientists, academics, journalists and the like.

You hear the Big Food and Big Pharma tales repeatedly, and then you start to believe them. You read them everywhere; you hear them on television. You read them in Prevention Magazine or via WebMD. You look them up in Wikipedia and your MD regurgitates them for bonus cash.

Let’s put an end to all this self-inflicted misery. So, here they come and here they’ll go – away for good, now that you know better. Don’t fall for the top 10 food and medicine myths!

#1. Milk … it does a body good

Wrong! Think about this for a minute: Humans are the only animals that drink milk after infancy and from another animal; it’s just not normal. Plus, all dairy products cause excess mucus to accumulate in the body and lead to inflammation.

#2. Red meat is worse for your body than chicken, turkey or pig

Most meat in America comes from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) where the animals are cooped up in overcrowded pens, rarely if ever see sunlight or pastures, are shot up with synthetic hormones (that cause cancer), injected with massive amounts of antibiotics to stave off bacterial infections, fed genetically modified feed (that also causes cancer) and slaughtered inhumanely – then processed with bleach, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites for human consumption. So, with that in mind, it doesn’t really matter if the meat is red, brown, white or green, because it’s all doing the same chronic damage to the humans that consume it regularly. “Eat less red meat?” Try eating no processed meat and you’ll be far better off.

#3. Organic canola oil is a healthy choice

Everything organic is not healthy. Let’s go there. Organic means it doesn’t contain chemical-based insecticides, algaecides, fertilizers and herbicides. What it doesn’t mean is that it’s free of heavy metals or trace amounts of dangerous chemicals. Canola is not a natural plant to this earth. Canola comes from rapeseed, which is toxic to all animals. What the manufacturers do is remove the stench of rapeseed using hexane, a constituent vapor of gasoline, but there’s still some left in the final product. Irrespective of whether canola is organic or not, it strangles your mitochondria (cells) that need oxygen to function. Organic canola also inhibits enzyme function. Plus, the omega-3 fatty acids of processed canola oil are transformed during the deodorizing process into trans-fatty acids. The reason why canola is particularly unsuited for consumption is that it contains a very long-chain fatty acid called erucic acid, which is associated with fibrotic heart lesions.

#4. Organic soy (that’s unfermented) is a healthy choice

Some people think if a product is organic, it’s “good to go.” Wrong. You still need to stay informed. Let’s talk about any soy that’s not fermented, including the organic stuff. Big Food is quickly buying up medium-sized organic companies and pushing soy and canola like it’s healthy. Just over the past 15 years, 3,000 new soy-based foods, all labeled “certified organic” have hit the shelves. Why? Big Food likes to trick healthy-minded people, that’s why. Remember, Big Food works hand-in-hand with Big Pharma.

All soy that’s not fermented screws with the balance of human estrogen and testosterone. Got breast cancer or “Low-T?” Did you know unfermented soy is linked to immune-system malfunctions, thyroid dysfunction and cognitive decline? Yep. In fact, hundreds of health studies reveal infant abnormalities, kidney stones and food allergies thanks to soy consumption. No soy was fit to eat until the discovery of fermentation techniques during the Chou Dynasty. Your organic soy “protein” may be causing you chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake. Destroy the soy myth and protect your body.

#5. Vaccines no longer contain mercury (thimerosal), and the CDC even says so

The CDC says they removed mercury from all childhood vaccines over a decade ago, but they’re lying. Influenza vaccines contain massive amounts of mercury and are highly recommended by the CDC for pregnant women, infants 6 months old, and every person for every year of their lives thereafter. Yes, influenza vaccines (flu shots) are one of the main causes of the flu and still contain thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum and other dangerous preservatives, adjuvants, emulsifiers and virus “deadeners.”

#6. Chemotherapy is the best chance to beat cancer once you’ve been diagnosed

Fact: Chemotherapy yields a miserable 2.3 percent success rate on average. Another fact: 75 percent of MDs and oncologists would never take chemotherapy themselves nor recommend it for their family members. Chemotherapy destroys the human immune system – the one thing humans need the most to fight off cancer. Quite ironic, huh? Natural remedies for cancer are abundant and inexpensive, including vitamin C, garlic, oregano oil, CBD oil, hemp seed oil, chaga and reishi mushrooms, baking soda in water, and of course, plenty of vitamin D.

#7. Many cancer cases are inherited in our genes from our parents or their parents

Doctors tell patients almost everything is inherited from their parents so they won’t go out and seek natural remedies that work. Why would any greedy doctor want you cured when you’ll never come back to them? Most cancer is caused by chemical consumption, period.

#8. There is no cure for cancer

The search for the cure is the ultimate boondoggle. Honest scientists have been curing cancer for decades – even brain cancer. Google the Burzynski Clinic and you’ll be blown away! Then research natural remedies online.

#9. The FDA and the CDC function in the best interests of American consumers by inspecting food and medicine for dangerous substances

Laughing out loud. The FDA and the CDC are in business with Big Pharma and have been for decades. Want to die of preventable diseases? Just heed their advice.

#10. Fluoride in toothpaste and tap water helps humans keep their teeth strong and free of decay

If you aren’t already aware of it, it’s time to learn the raw truth about tap water and toothpaste. Watch this mini-documentary by the Health Ranger, right now!

Sources for this article include:


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CHALLENGE: $100,000 to the first person who can find a scientific study proving Thimerosal (mercury) is safe to inject into children /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-challenge-100000-to-first-person-scientific-study-proving-thimerosal-mercury-is-safe-to-inject-into-children.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-challenge-100000-to-first-person-scientific-study-proving-thimerosal-mercury-is-safe-to-inject-into-children.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 As promised, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the World Mercury Project (WMP), announced a $100,000 payout to anyone who can find a credible scientific study proving Thimerosal is safe to inject into children at the concentrations currently administered in today’s vaccines.

From the World Mercury Project website:

Thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, is still in 48 million U.S. flu vaccines each year, tetanus toxoid, meningococcal vaccines and, in massive doses, in the pediatric vaccines given to 100 million children across the developing world. A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) review published last month found that the ethylmercury in thimerosal is as profoundly neurotoxic as the heavily regulated methylmercury in fish.

In 2004, an FDA official acknowledged in testimony before a Congressional committee that no government or privately funded study has ever demonstrated thimerosal’s safety, and that still stands today.“On one hand, the government is telling pregnant women which mercury-laced fish to avoid so that they don’t harm their fetuses, and on the other, the CDC supports injecting mercury-containing vaccines into pregnant women, infants and children,” said Kennedy, who spent decades litigating polluters who dumped mercury into water systems. “This defies all logic and common sense.”

Watch the announcement video here:

As the founder and lab science director of CWC Labs, an ISO-accredited mass spec laboratory, I have personally tested vaccines for mercury and found flu shots to contain over 50,000 ppb of mercury, which is more than 25,000 times the EPA’s mercury limit in drinking water. Over the last several years, the deceitful vaccine industry (and its malicious propagandists such as David Gorski) have deceptively claimed that mercury was removed from all vaccines in the United States. That claim is blatantly false. Not only does the CDC openly admit that mercury is still present in 48 million flu shots each year, but this Natural News article documents California’s health secretary Diana Dooley practically demanding that parents inject their children with mercury-formulated influenza vaccines.

Details of the $100,000 Thimerosal challenge

The aim of the World Mercury Project is to eliminate the toxic heavy metals mercury from medicines and the environment. Because vaccines administered to tens of millions of children in the USA still contain mercury, children are being poisoned right now by an extremely toxic heavy metal that causes severe neurological damage. Beyond mercury, modern vaccines also contain aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde… all documented as known neurotoxins that contribute to brain damage.

From the WMP announcement:

Kennedy explained that the WMP will pay $100,000 to the first journalist, or other individual, who can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women. Kennedy believes that even “a meager effort at homework” will expose that contention as unsupported by science. He says the science is unequivocal that mercury is a serious health hazard and exposure is linked to many different diseases and conditions (ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Acrodynia and Autism). Even studies listed by the CDC on its website, to exonerate thimerosal as an autism culprit, link thimerosal exposure to low IQ, diminished language and motor skills, and tics, a family of neurological disorders that includes Tourette Syndrome. A Yale University study published last week suggests a link between vaccines and tics, as well as anorexia and OCD.

Mercury, of course, is an extremely toxic, brain damaging (and kidney damaging) heavy metal. The continued mass poisoning of children with this dangerous toxic is a war on children and a crime against humanity. I call it the “medical molestation” of children and a form of “chemical violence” being waged by the sinister vaccine industry.

Because vaccine manufacturers currently enjoy absolute legal immunity against lawsuits, they have no incentive to make vaccines safer. In fact, they have a financial incentive to make sure that vaccines don’t work as well as claimed, because every outbreak of infectious disease results in yet another round of media hysteria that sells more vaccines. Watch my mini-documentary on vaccine safety problems here, which asks the question “What would happen if the auto industry operated like the vaccine industry?”

While the vaccine companies are pocketing hundreds of billions in annual profits, they are destroying the lives of countless children who are severely and permanently disfigured / damaged by vaccines.

The CDC cover-up that’s unfolding here is unprecedented in the history of medicine and science. Kennedy describes the CDC as “a cesspool of corruption” and is very much aware that the CDC is a criminal cartel of medical con artists who have been running a quack science racket for the benefit of the vaccine manufacturers.

Check out my infographic to learn more about the operations of the Vaccine Racket (click here to view the hi-res version)

Why won’t vaccine propagandists step forward and claim an easy $100k?

Now, thanks to the World Mercury Project’s $100,000 challenge, let’s see if any vaccine pushers step forward to claim the reward. All they have to do is find a single scientific study that shows Thimerosal is safe to inject into children at the volumes currently being administered in pediatric vaccines.

If vaccines are really as safe as they all claim, finding just ONE scientific study to prove the safety of Thimerosal shouldn’t be difficult, should it? Unless they’re all liars and medical child molesters, of course…

Learn more about vaccines at and watch my podcasts and videos below to discover even more truth the vaccine industry isn’t telling you:






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Air quality across the world has reached toxic levels /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-air-quality-across-the-world-has-reached-toxic-levels.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-air-quality-across-the-world-has-reached-toxic-levels.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 It’s no secret that air pollution is a growing problem. But just how bad it is it ? Earlier this year, the air quality in London surpassed the toxic smog in Beijing — reaching a jaw-dropping 197 micrograms of particulate per cubic meter.

For the first time, London’s air quality is worse than China’s; experts say that this is the worst air quality reading London has had since 2011. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has even issued the highest air pollution alert in the capital city, citing the “filthy air” as a “health crisis.”

To put that all in perspective, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that PM2.5 and PM10 (particulate matter) stay at or below a mean value of 25 and 50 micrograms per cubic liter in any given 24-hour period, respectively. Their suggested yearly averages are 10 and 20 micrograms per cubic liter, respectively.

London’s 197 micrograms of particulate per cubic liter smashes those recommendations and is clearly an imminent risk to human health. And unfortunately, the rest of the world isn’t faring much better.

Global air pollution takes its toll

In the fall of 2016, the World Health Organization released a new air quality model that revealed approximately 92 percent the entire world’s population lives in places where the air quality exceeds the WHO’s limits on particulate matter.  And that’s just outside: indoor air pollution is a whole separate issue that is also increasingly problematic.

According to the WHO’s report, at that time approximately 3 million deaths each year are related to outdoor air pollution — though some estimates are much higher.

In February 2017, BBC reported that the number of deaths attributable to air pollution is nearly double that. Data from the Global Burden of Disease Project has revealed that the number of deaths from air pollution has actually reached some 5.5 million annually.

Dan Greenbaum from the Health Effects Institute, located in Boston, MA, explains, “In Beijing or Delhi on a bad air pollution day, the number of fine particles (known as PM2.5) can be higher than 300 micrograms per cubic metre.”

Greenbaum reiterates that the amount of PM2.5 should really be sitting around 25 or 35 micrograms.

According to the research, air pollution causes more deaths than malnutrition, obesity, unsafe sex, and alcohol and drug abuse. The Global Burden of Disease project ranks air pollution as the world’s fourth greatest risk for mortality. [RELATED: Keep up with the latest information on toxic substances at]

No country is exempt from the ill effects of air pollution. The Guardian reported last year:

In Delhi, where there are nearly nine million vehicles, the high court has compared conditions to living in a “gas chamber;” Beijing and 10 other Chinese cities have issued red alert warnings; in Tehran, where the chairman of the city council, Mehdi Chamran, says air pollution kills up to 180 people a day, the smog has been so bad that schools have been closed and sports banned.

China and India are known for their terrible air quality; in 2015, roughly half of all air pollution-related deaths occurred in these two countries.

Other adverse effects of air pollution

The damaging effects of air pollution do not only show up in terms of mortality. There are many other ways that nano-sized particles in the air can cause harm. For example, recent research from University of Southern California has  found that air pollution raises the risk of dementia by up to 92 percent.  The small size of the particulate allows it to cross through the linings of the nasal cavity and go directly to the brain. Once there, damaging inflammation ensues, as your brain (and other exposed bodily tissues) react to the presence of foreign material.

A 2012 review published by the Journal of Toxicology notes that numerous studies have linked air pollution to diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and neuro-developmental disorders. Preliminary research has also shown that there are a variety of avenues for air pollutants to exert their negative effects, particularly in regard to the CNS.  The team also noted that the adverse effects air pollution has on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is well-documented, but that study of its effects on the brain and the rest of the CNS have been largely neglected. [Related: Keep up with the latest research news at]

The researchers write in their conclusion, “Air pollutants have been, and continue to be, major contributing factors to chronic diseases and mortality, thereby dramatically impacting public health. Air pollution is a global problem and has become one of the major issues of public health as well as climate and environmental protection.”



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Beware: These foods can damage your metabolism /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-beware-these-foods-can-damage-your-metabolism.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-beware-these-foods-can-damage-your-metabolism.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 If you are on a journey to lose weight or get into shape for the spring and summer months, yet everything you do seems to be without any effect, then metabolic damage may be holding you back. Limiting calories to the max, certain food types, and overtraining can have significant effects on your body’s ability to process or metabolize food.

Robbie Clark, dietitian and sports nutritionist, told Huffington Post Australia that metabolic damage is a natural response of our body to long-term calorie restrictions, which can be caused by a reduced calorie intake or too much exercise. Also, not all foods we put in our mouth are created equally. According to some experts, the same calories you get from soda will act very differently inside your body than the same amount of calories you get from whole organic foods such as broccoli. (RELATED: Read more about clean, organic foods at

Have you hit that weight loss plateau? Here are six foods that can damage your metabolism and sabotage your weight loss efforts.

1.      Soda

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a cheap sweetener found in many highly-processed foods and soft drinks. According to one study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular consumption of HFCS can cause metabolic syndrome, which has been linked to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

While it is arguable that the amount of fructose you get through other sugary foods, such as fresh fruits, adds the same amount of calories, research has shown that HFCS has more damaging effects on the metabolism when eaten in the same quantities. Not all calories are created equally, remember?

2.      Margarine

Drawn to the health claims on the package, many people often choose margarine over real butter. While it is true that butter is packed with saturated fats, margarine contains hydrogenated fats or trans fats, which may be more harmful to your health. Trans fats can lead to insulin resistance, which in its turn may lead to a slower metabolism and weight gain.

3.      Refined foods

Refined foods such as white bread, pasta, rice, among other simple carbohydrates are easily broken down by the body because the indigestible fiber has been taken out. In contrast, fiber-rich foods, such as whole-wheat bread and other whole grains, stoke the metabolic fire. Our bodies need to work harder to get the nutrients out of these fiber-rich foods, burning more calories on the way.

4.      Conventionally farmed beef

Unless you buy grass-fed organic beef, chances are pretty high your meat is tainted with health-damaging antibiotics and growth hormones. Next to causing a host of adverse health effects and antibiotic resistance, these traces of antibiotics seriously mess up your internal gut flora as well. According to a study published in Front Public Health, changes in our gut can negatively effect the way we digest food, resulting in weight gain.

5.      Conventionally grown fruit and vegetables

Fox News reported on a scientific study, published in the Journal of Medical Toxicology, which showed that pesticides from fruits and vegetables can cause metabolic changes. When rats were fed a diet of conventional produce, these toxins increased the rate at which fat cells were created, resulting in weight gain.

To limit pesticide exposure, be sure to buy fresh organic produce whenever possible and wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Or why not grow your own? Only then can you be entirely certain that they are free of pesticides and other nasty chemicals. (RELATED: Learn more about the damaging effects of pesticides at

6.      Canola or hydrogenated vegetable oil

A whole lot has been said about canola oil or hydrogenated vegetable oils. Previously touted as a heart-friendly health food, canola oil is a highly processed oil packed with too much omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3s. Our diet used to be balanced in both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. However, over the past decades — with the rise of processed, hydrogenated oils — the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio has shifted from a 1:1 ratio to 20:1 today. A high omega-6 fatty acid intake has been linked to insulin resistance, slow metabolism, and weight gain, whereas omega-3s helps you manage your weight.


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Dozens of popular vaccines found to be contaminated with unexplained particles containing toxic heavy metals /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-popular-vaccines-contaminated-particles-heavy-metals.html /toxinsnews/2017-02-15-popular-vaccines-contaminated-particles-heavy-metals.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The HPV vaccines Gardasil and Ceravix have been heavily scrutinized for their deleterious effects on young women around the globe — and the suggested age for receiving these vaccinations just keeps getting younger.

Last year, in the beginning of 2016, the America College of Pediatricians (ACP) released a statement that detailed a host of concerns over the HPV vaccines known as Gardasil and Ceravix, noting that these immunizations did not appear to be as safe as their creators purport them to be.

Now, new research has found that these two heavily promoted vaccines are contaminated with a number of inorganic compounds, including lead. 

The study, which was led by independent researchers from the National Council of Research of Italy and the International Clean Water Institute, USA have found that a number of common vaccines are contaminated with a number of different types of particulate. In fact, all of the vaccines tested contained unlisted particulate, the presence of which the researchers described as “baffling” and “inexplicable.”

Contaminants found in HPV vaccines

Ceravix and Gardasil were among the 44 vaccine samples used for the team’s research. To conduct their analysis, the scientists used what is known as a Field Emission Gun Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an X-ray microprobe to detect any inorganic particulate contaminants and analyze their chemical composition.

The team was able to verify the presence of micro- and nano-sized inorganic compound particles that were not listed on the products’ ingredient lists by their manufacturers.

Beyond the inherent toxic potential of aluminum — which the researchers note is a worrisome ingredient often included by the vaccine makers — several other concerning compounds were found in a number of vaccines.

Both Gardasil and Ceravix featured various forms of aluminum and lead — both known to be disruptive to cognitive function and development, especially in children.

The researchers also explained that these particles found in the vaccines are often embedded in biological substrates, like proteins or endotoxins. But, when these particles come into contact with proteic fluids, a “nano-bio-reaction” occurs, resulting in a much larger compound that is not biodegradable — rendering it capable of immense adverse effects, since it is not recognized by the body and cannot be broken down.

And, as the researchers explained, the presence of multiple contaminants or potentially damaging ingredients is especially concerning, given that it is well-known that contaminants tend to exert mutual, synergistic effects — effectively increasing the amount of harm either substance could create alone. Lead and aluminum are both known to be extremely hazardous to the human brain independently — what do you think happens when they’re combined?

When discussing their findings as a whole, the researchers stated that the contamination of vaccines they saw was “inexplicable,” and also noted that the combinations of compounds they saw were “very odd” as they had no “technical use.” They went on to state, “In any case, whatever their origin, they should not be present in any injectable medicament, let alone in vaccines, more in particular those meant for infants.” They expressed similar concerns for those vaccines that are given to children.

Toxic metals and vaccine damage: are they connected?

Research has consistently indicated that small-sized particulate can be very damaging to the human brain, and this recent research is no different. The scientists posit that depending on where the compounds deposit first, different adverse events may be seen. When particulate is first deposited in the brain, more rapid-onset and acute effects are present, while more slow-to-develop effects are seen when other areas of the body are affected.

The researchers say that the particles they observed in the vaccine were of such small size that it is completely possible for them to actually enter individual cell nuclei and interact with DNA. “As happens with all foreign bodies, particularly that small, they induce an inflammatory reaction that is chronic because most of those particles cannot be degraded.”

Previous research has indicated that even low levels of lead can yield toxic effects — even the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry claims that there may be no safe amount of lead for developing children. Aluminum is also known to be toxic to the brain.

HPV vaccines like Gardasil have been associated with causing a number of ill effects — most notably, an array of damaging auto-immune diseases and even loss of fertility. When considering what has been found inside of these vaccines, the amount of damage they can cause is sadly no surprise. Worse still, these hazardous metals aren’t even listed as known ingredients so many doctors continue to push these injections on unsuspecting patients, without a clue as to how toxic they really are.


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