Children’s Health Defense decries water fluoridation as a bad medical “experiment” on humanity that needs to end

Do you know why there is fluoride in the drinking water of most Americans? If you thought it was because the government is concerned about people’s dental health, think again. The truth about how the practice started is surprising, and the source of the fluoride so many of us are drinking is even more shocking. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that much about it, which is why Children’s Health Defense is trying to raise awareness of the issue. The group has decried water fluoridation as a bad medical “experiment” on humanity that must be stopped – and it’s easy to see why.

Fluoride was produced on a wide scale during World War II. When Manhattan Project scientists found that it was a health hazard to workers in their bomb program and those in the surrounding communities, government scientists came up with a solution: They would try to calm any social panic about fluoride and stave off potential lawsuits by promoting it as a useful tool for preventing tooth decay.

Their claims were exaggerated, and many of the studies they used to show it reduces tooth decay were later found to be seriously flawed. In the meantime, however, the U.S. Public Health Service had given water fluoridation its full support as an official public health policy, urging communities around the nation to start adopting it.

These days, the fluoride in water comes from one of two sources, and it’s hard to decide which one is worse: pollutants that have been captured from the phosphate fertilizer industry and unregulated chemical imports from pollution-ridden China.

What is all this fluoride doing to us?

Children’s Health Defense shared some unsettling statistics that highlight how far-reaching the problem is. For example, they found that children born to mothers who had been exposed to fluoride during pregnancy had lower IQs, and there was also a link between fluoride exposure and problems like neurological development impairment, premature birth, preeclampsia, and autism. Other problems it has been linked to include heart disease, male infertility, weaker bones, cancer, endocrine disruption, cellular DNA damage, and gastrointestinal issues.

Perhaps even more concerningly, the rates of death in the top ten states in terms of fluoridation are anywhere between five and 26 percent higher than the death rates in the bottom ten states in terms of water fluoridation. The top ten states are also experiencing triple the Alzheimer’s disease rate of the bottom ten.

Why are we taking on all this risk? Dental researchers now agree that the primary benefits for teeth associated with fluoride are derived from topical contact rather than ingestion. Moreover, data from the World Health Organization shows that tooth decay has dropped at the same sharp rate in non-fluoridated countries that it has in those that do fluoridate.

So why is this chemical still added to our water? Because it causes cognitive problems and lower intelligence, some people believe it’s behind the general overall “dumbing down” of our society – which means a lowered capacity to question the actions carried out by those in power.

Is fluoridation in our water really a bad medical experiment with all of us acting as guinea pigs? Children’s Health Defense certainly thinks so, and a citizens’ petition has been submitted to the EPA by a collection of action groups requesting that the practice of water fluoridation be stopped. This landmark challenge will be argued in court later this year and could bring an end to what the group terms “one of the most significant chemical assaults on our children’s developing bodies and brains.”

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