RED MEAT and CANCER – more than just a “correlation”

Are you tired of mainstream media appealing to futility? We’ve all heard the saying a thousand times, “eat less red meat.” Yet, what if ALL the red meat is tainted and carcinogenic, because, in actuality, once you add those concentrated salts (nitrates) and cook it or smoke it, you’re inviting cancer cells to the “party” every time. How often and for how long can you flirt with disaster and get away with it?

You know what they say about playing with fire. Let’s take a long, close-up view at the toxic bonfire burning through all that red meat. Would you like that well-done, medium, medium rare, or raw, sir or ma’am?

So if you can eat known carcinogens “less often” and get away with it, can you smoke “fewer” cigarettes and be “just fine” also?

Are you eating “healthy” carcinogens? Is that your meat argument? Red meat can double the risk of colon cancer, just ask the Health Ranger, who published the in-depth study years back that was shared by none other than the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Heavy red meat consumption could actually quadruple your risk of colon cancer, considering how often many Americans “go out to eat” at least once every other day. Take one look at a menu from any restaurant and you’ll notice about nine out of every 10 choices contains meat, and about half of those contain red meat (heavily processed at that).

Now the attack comes from the “free range” and “grass fed” carnivores. Once any health advocates start pointing out the dangers of meat consumption, the canines comes out to defend their favorite dishes, and often without any science to back up their claims.

Still, traditionally, red meat is often butchered and prepped with MSG, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, ammonia, bleach, smoke, salt, more salt, more cooking, and then gassed and dyed to look red and ripe again. Becoming vegetarian or vegan really isn’t that hard, you just have to stay a little educated, diligent, and creative once in a while. Think of the trade off of lowering cancer risk and enjoying all that longevity.

Anti-microbial-resistant and antibiotic-resistant infections from meat will kill more Americans by 2050 than cancer

Wait, you’re not ready to quit meat yet? That’s fine. Let’s take a look at where things are heading, though, just so you know. Colorectal cancer is a MAJOR cause of death in many of the world’s countries. It’s a horrible way to go out, folks.

Nearly half of all fresh meat and poultry products in the U.S. are contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria, including multiple-drug resistant Franken-bacteria, a.k.a. “superbugs.” Over 75 percent of the world’s antibiotics are given to feed lot animals and most of them are becoming useless to humans in hospitals dying from superbug infections like MRSA.

It’s really the heme iron intake that’s running as the highest category for skyrocketing one’s risk of colorectal cancer, according to a meta-analysis and the review of all the mechanisms involved. Heme iron toxicity has proven to have a catalytic effect on the formation of carcinogenic compounds (n-nitroso). Heme are components of hemoglobin – the red pigment in blood. This was all published by the American Association for Cancer Research.

So the question looms: Will you “limit” or eliminate your heme iron toxicity problem, because it’s warping your cells as you read this, even if in just a “limited” way. Where’s the tipping point? When does your mutated cell problem go “viral?” Because science sure is making it sound like it’s just a matter of time until Big Pharma starts removing parts of your colon and dosing you up with chemical meds (which fuel new cancers).

Has your red meat been gassed for coloring, like those rich pink tuna steaks? You better start asking questions and researching the CAFOs.

Top 10 warnings for meat eaters, including processed meat

#1. According to IARC experts, eating just one 50 gram portion of processed meat daily (1.8 ounces or about 2 average slices of deli meat) increases your risk of getting colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

#2. Avoiding only red meat is not a protective strategy against cancer.

#3. The link between processed meat and bowel cancer is backed by substantial evidence.

#4. Processed meat means it has been transformed through curing, salting, smoking and fermentation, and may contain blood.

#5. High-temperature cooking of processed meats, including barbecuing and pan frying, increases carcinogenic risk.

#6. Tobacco smoking and asbestos are both classified in the same carcinogenic category as processed meat – Group 1.

#7. The IARC also associates stomach cancer with eating processed meat.

#8. The Global Burden of Disease Project estimates 34,000 deaths per year worldwide are attributable to people who eat processed meats regularly.

#9. The more processed meat you eat, the higher your risk of cancer rises.

#10. N-nitroso compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are just two types of dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals that form when meat is processed.

Now, check out Mic the Vegan breaking it all down elementary style for the bogus processed meat “pushers” and the CAFO industry shills to chew on. This man does his homework, uses logic and intelligence. Gain some valuable information here:

Tune in to for updates on how to prevent AND cure cancer, even though the FDA doesn’t want you to.

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